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Bring both hands together


Adults take our motor skills for granted. Since we have been able to clap, pick things up and walk for decades, we forget just how hard these things are to do and just how much work goes into learning them. Babies have to learn all of these things from scratch and they do so in a relatively short amount of time. Being able to bring both of their hands together is a big feat – it means that they are able to exert some kind of control over their limbs. It means that they have figured out how to use their muscles and that they can make their arms do what they want. It really is the first step towards your baby becoming mobile.

Once your baby is able to bring her hands together, she will quickly discover that her hands can be used for grasping things and that her legs can be used to propel her forward. Although the latter action is still a few months down the road, it is the start of her independence. At about this time, your baby might also show a real fascination for her hands. She might enjoy looking at them and examining them – turning them this way and that for a better look.

After your baby starts bring her hands together the next step will probably be trying to bat at things before figuring out how to grasp things on her own. Every stage is an adventure for babies and parents alike. Enjoy every little accomplishment and, if you have the time or the inclination, record it so that you can remember it years down the road.